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Royal Ciclo Sustainable

At Royal Ciclo, we believe that a better world is built on sustainable choices. We are committed to adopting environmentally responsible practices in all areas of our operation, and we strive to ensure that those involved in our processes are part of our initiatives. We invite you to learn more about our sustainable practices and some of the initiatives we have adopted:

Seal “Eu reciclo” (I recycle)

Royal Ciclo has the “Eu Reciclo” Seal. This means that we invest in the development of the recycling chain, environmentally offsetting the packaging we use. The seal certifies the reverse logistics of post-consumer packaging, tracking invoices issued by cooperatives and recycling partners. By adopting this concept of environmental offset, we ensure that resources are directed towards the advancement of the recycling chain in compliance with the National Solid Waste Policy. Today, Royal Ciclo already recycles 30% of packaging materials nationwide.

Phthalate-Free Laminates

The laminates used in the production of our saddles are made with plant and mineral-based plasticizers, free from phthalates, made from renewable molecules that replace a large part of the petroleum derivatives in the manufacture of the laminate. In addition, the composition of the PVC laminate eliminates heavy metals such as lead and cadmium, using a recycled substrate derived from PET bottles in its manufacture.

Pedals with Recycled Material

Our pedals have plastic bases made from recycled copolymer, ensuring that they do not harm the environment during the production, use, and recycling process.

Ozone-Friendly Expanding Agent

We use the HFC-245FA expansion agent for our foams, a non-flammable liquid with a boiling point slightly below room temperature. This choice contributes to the preservation of the ozone layer and is free of Volatile Organic Compounds, standing out as a process that minimizes the "greenhouse effect."

Effluent Treatment

The effluents generated by our company are treated through physical and chemical processes, ensuring the removal of pollutants and the return of treated water to the environment, promoting the reuse of water resources.

Selective Collection

The practice of selective collection is one of the pillars of our sustainability. All waste is classified according to its origin and deposited in bins indicated by colors, reducing environmental impacts and improper waste disposal.

Trivalent Chromium

Our chrome plating processes use trivalent chromium via electrodeposition, making the process free of heavy metal deposition, non-carcinogenic, and generating milder waste. This technology is more environmentally sustainable and advanced, replacing elements harmful to the environment.

Seed Paper Packaging

Committed to sustainability, we have adopted seed paper packaging. It is biodegradable paper that can be planted because it contains seeds in its composition. The idea is to turn waste into life. Instead of throwing away the seed paper, you can plant it.